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The Rock is a safe place needs a few more hands

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Meet Olivia. Olivia is in 7th grade and has been part of Student Impact since 5th grade. In her Mom's words, "Olivia loves it because it's a time she gets to hang out with her peers and friends. It is that unstructured time to just be a kid…not a special needs kid. She just gets to be herself, play the games, hang with her peers, cheer, dance, and do kid stuff. This is a place where the playing field is the same for everyone. There is nothing hard and differences do not stand out. She has been very comfortable from the start."

Olivia has found "her place"...she's welcome, she's loved, and she feels safe. Olivia may have Down's Syndrome, but DS does not define her at Student Impact. Her sassy spirit and giggling with new friends defines her. Olivia defines herself, outside of the special needs classroom, outside of Special Olympics...she's on equal ground at The Rock.

With a little help from you, we are able to help students like Olivia. We do things like provide for over 140+ students each week a safe place to hang out with friends, grab a snack, play gaga ball and ping pong, and get some healthy mentorship...all with a foundation of faith and healing atmosphere that will foster a stronger student, a stronger family, and a stronger Westfield.

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